National Council MPs undertake a Certificate in Parliamentary Practice and Conduct

A total number of 15 MPs in the National Council have registered for the course. In the photo are National Council MPs listening attentively during the official remarks preceding the commencement of the coursework


  Story by Pamela Mate

Several National Council Members of Parliament (MPs) who registered for a Certificate in Parliamentarian Practice and Conduct with the University of Namibia have commenced with their course work today. The course is not open to the public and only on offer to Parliamentarians and extends over a period of 11 weeks. The Course Modules include English for Certificate Purposes, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Customary Law, Legislative Drafting and The Role of Parliament in a Constitutional Democracy. Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor John Barolo took the MPs through some basic housekeeping rules, such as the importance of class attendance and continuous assessment requirements and stressed that the MPs make the opportunity enjoyable as it is meant to empower them. Prof. Barolo implored on the MPs to take their studies seriously and not to become too anxious of the journey ahead, as the course work will only assist the National Council in becoming an institution equipped and capacitated to make laws for the interest of the nation. As ‘eyes and ears’ of the people, National Council MPs sit in a unique position with a wealth of information, and it because of this that they have been urged to bring forth their practical experiences to the largely theoretical course in order to modify the curriculum and improve the material in areas that may need change.

A proponent and key player in bringing this programme to fruition, Hon. Steve Biko Booys is pleased that a good number of MPs have enrolled for the course, stating that something of this nature will greatly sharpen the members. He said this is an opportunity to really understand the process of law making and have the confidence to review legal documents and make valuable contributions. Hon. Booys further alluded to the numerous outdated laws of the country that need reviewing, adding that this programme will bring great value in revisiting legislation that do not affirm the previously disadvantaged.


It is envisaged that members of Parliament who wish to further their studies to Paralegal and Arbitration Diplomas and even as far as LLB may have an opportunity to do, given that they meet the requirements. In his parting remarks, Prof. Barolo said that this day has been a long time coming and expressed his thankfulness to all who made it possible. He further informed the gathering that the invitation will be extended to MPs in the National Assembly as well. A total number of 15 MPs have enrolled and are expected to graduate at Unam’s main graduation ceremony in April 2019.

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