PAP Committee concludes its visit to Namibia

PAP committee members with the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) officials after their engagement on how Namport operates


  Story by Rafael Hangula

The Chairperson of the Pan-African Parliament committee on education, Culture, tourism and human resources Hon. Amina Souna is satisfied with what her committee has acquired during its week long study visit in Namibia.

The committee was here to benchmark best practices employed by Namibia in the areas of education, culture and tourism.

“We have achieved the objective which brought us to Namibia. We came here to learn about education, culture and tourism and we got all the information, additionally we have enjoyed Namibia’s good hospitality,” said Hon. Souna.

“If I didn’t come here I couldn’t discover what I saw here, I didn’t know that Namibia is a beautiful country, I am very satisfied with the experience I gained during this visit,” she added.


The Committee is mandated to consider issues related to the development of human resources in Member States as well as to assist Parliament to promote policy development and implementation of programmes of the Union relating to access to education, promotion and preservation of culture and tourism and human resource development.

During its week long here, the committee held several meetings with government institutions such as Namibia Tourism Board (NTB), Namibian Ports Authority (Namport), Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation.

The committee also met the Chairperson of the National Council Hon. Margaret Mensah-Williams. The committee further had a chance to see Namibia’s tourism attractions such as Namib Desert, Dune 7 and explored much of what the coastal towns have to offer.

The chairperson of the committee said that the committee has taken note of all the recommendations for implementation.

The chairperson of the committee has promised that the committee will take note of all the recommendations for implementation.

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