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Welcome Message from the Chairperson to the National Council

The National Council, or the Upper House of the Parliament of Namibia, was established after the first Regional Councils' Elections that were held in 1992 and the House was inaugurated on 23 February 1993.
The national Council receives and considers bills referred to it in terms of Article 75(1) and Article 75(2) of the Namibian Constitution.

Presiding Officers: National Council

Hon. Lukas Sinimbo Muha, MP

Chairperson of the National Council

Hon. Victoria Kauma

Vice Chairperson of the National Council

Private Bag 13371
Parliament Building
14A Love Street

Tel: + 264 61 2028003
Fax: + 264 61 256371
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Vice Chairperson

Tel: + 264 61 2028006
Fax: + 264 61 2028179
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